About us

We are a small student-based team working on software projects that come to mind. Founded by University of Waterloo undergraduate students at the start of 2009, we’re simply a group of students who want to create a personal project and learn more practical skills of software development.

We decided to create this blog to share our experiences of working on a personal project. But we’ll also bump into topics about the lives of University of Waterloo Co-op students, business, and just about anything related to technology. Hopefully, our blog might be able to help with your own thing (project, startup, saving the world, anything.) and we’d like to learn from our readers, like you (we are students after all – for now). But whatever happens, we’ll have fun writing anyway.

Thanks for reading,

the Abstractive Software team

If you wish to contact us or have a post that might fit with this blog, please contact us at mail.abstractive@gmail.com.

The team

Steven Chung

Computer Science/Business Option (BCS) and Three-Year General Geography (BES) ‘2011

Yep, you read right. Three-Year General Geography.  It’s a little hard to explain, my university life has been a little convoluted, but I’m happy I found a home with my education. My degrees (will) focus on software design fundamentals, computer science applications, marketing, ecology, and planning/development (no GIS please). I think that learning about different things helps me be creative, and that creativity is the source of my idea of starting a project with some friends.

What I enjoy most about studying is computer science is its ability to create something fairly quickly with low upfront costs. I just wanna make something cool. I’m sort of the idea’s guy of the team. And being interested in aspects of development other than coding, I also take the management role of the team. I’m a naturalist at heart and find it interesting to model human creations with nature’s structure. Design is another interest of mine.

And that’s Steven Chung in a nutshell, you’ll see some of my influences in my writing.

Benjamin Mahler

Software Engineering (BSE) ‘2012, with as many CS courses as I can cram in!

I started university in Civil Engineering, and switched into Software Engineering after taking my first ever programming course in my second term. Needless to say, I had discovered my passion for computer science. I love computer science because, in a sense, it is the science of informational problem solving. My interests are fairly varied, but I tend to focus on things related to efficiency, algorithms, programming languages, and software design. I’m constantly following programming blogs and the latest and greatest ideas on the web.

Unfortunately, university keeps me so busy that I find it hard to complete programming projects outside of school. This is why when Steven asked me about working with him on the project I gladly jumped onboard. I’m always excited for the idea of learning new things, and writing code!

Franko Luk

Computer Science/Software-Engineering Option (BCS)  ‘2011

Sup?  Not exactly sure where I’m headed yet, but I’m more of a graphics, visual, animation,  and hands-on type of person. So I’m still feeling my way around University and trying things out. This is the first time I have been a part of a computer science project outside of school and it feels exciting. We are always learning new technologies and bumping into random things, but we eventually find our way. Aside from the project, I am learning and feeling my way through Flash and all of its cool stuff and hopefully I can make something cool with it soon! For me, staring at code all day long will kill me, so that’s why I picked up Flash.

What initially grabbed my interest in computer science was the fact that everything was so logical and all the pieces had to fall into place in order for something to work. I am a very logical person and so I really got into it since high school and so far it has opened my eyes to many more things….It’s a good thing.

By the way, my name is Franko Luk. Enjoy your stay here.


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